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Genuine Customer Testimonials

Unlike some companies, we only ever show you genuine customer testimonials from real UK customers. Sooty and Sweeps Ltd strive to keep their customers for life and the way that we do this is by providing the best service possible. We hope that you will join your voice to those of our happy customers that are please to recommend us to others.

“Thanks for a wonderful job, tidy and clean, will definitely recommend you to others…”
Chimney Sweep Customer in London, David
“Highly recommended. Knowledgeable, efficient, tidy and courteous too…”
London Wood Burning Stove Fitted, Jo
“I have recommended Sooty and Sweeps to all my friends…”
Flue Lining Customer in London, Mrs Walden
“We always find the service reliable, clean, efficient and professional…”
Chimney Sweeping & Fireplace Fitted, Mrs Addison
“Reliable, Clean, Professional – everything I expect from a reputable company…”
CCTV Chimney Checking & Flue Lining, Adrian
“Mark is helpful and a great problem solver. He suggested better ways of carrying out our installation than other companies that came to quote. The day of installation of our log burner was very straight forward and Mark and his team completed the job to an amazing standard.”
Stove Installation, Jade Legg
“Mark is very friendly and helpful. He came and carried out a free site survey (on a Saturday morning to fit around my work commitments) and we discussed my needs. I decided to go with him as his quote was great and was not disappointed. The wood burner was installed without any fuss and minimal mess. Thank you Mark.”
Chimney Sweep & Stove Installation, Angela Stutter
“I have used Sooty and Sweeps to carry out my yearly chimney sweep for over ten years now. They are polite, helpful and very clean and tidy. I will never use anyone else.”
Chimney Sweep, John Richman
“A lovely new flue lining and chimney sweep to clear out my chimney for the Winter. Mark was professional and friendly, he answered all my questions and gave me information about how to maintain my chimney better. Thanks Sooty & Sweeps”
Chimney Sweep & Flue Lining, Aaron Wicks
“We decided to have a log burner installed in our home AFTER we finished renovated the property. Mark came and quoted for the job and we found his intelligent and knowledgeable advice invaluable. We were very worried about the mess that would be created but were reassured by pictures of the state of the art tent that they (Sooty and Sweeps) erect inside the house when carrying out installations. On the day of the installation of the log burner and flue liner the team arrived promptly. I took the day off work and my wife took the kids out. The job was completed and the mess was minimal. The tent is really fantastic and considering we were dreading having this done we were left totally amazed by the minimal mess (it is a building job) and great finish to the work. My painter was very impressed when he came to touch up the paint around the job and took Mark’s phone number for his installation too.”
Rigid Chimney System, Sarah & Michael Martin

Complete Service Available

Everything that you could require for your chimney, fireplace, wood burner or gas stove, we can provide.

Join The Many Satisfied Sooty & Sweeps Ltd Customers!

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