Sooty and Sweeps are fully accredited stove & fireplace installation professionals, we have been supplying and installing stoves for over 37 years and we’re proud of our reputation for being arguably the best stove installation company in London & Kent. With over 37 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge and experience, our engineers are fully accredited with can you drink green tea while taking phentermine and Where To Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Online offering the absolute best possible service quality for all types of stove installation.

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Sooty and Sweeps provide the supply & installation of stoves, fireplaces, and fireplace surrounds. Stoves and wood burners are becoming increasingly popular due to their aesthetic beauty and superb energy efficiency, an open fire utilises only 30% of the heat produced by a fire, thus 70% is lost through the chimney! A modern multi-fuel stove or wood burner can reach efficiencies of around 80% and does a far better job at keeping your room warm.

If you are considering installing a modern multi-fuel stove, planning permission must be obtained prior to the work commencing. This would involve applying for a building licence which can be costly and time consuming, you can avoid this process completely by having one of our HETAS registered stove installation specialists do the job for you. Before the work commences we will complete an on-site survey and get a better idea of your specific plans for the stove, and once the work has been done we will certify that the work has been carried out to the appropriate standard.

What we can do for you:

  • Free site survey, planning and advice.
  • The supply and installation of stoves and wood burners from multiple ranges.
  • The supply and installation of fireplaces, and fireplace surrounds.
  • A chimney integrity check to ensure your chimney is safe enough to have a stove installed.
  • A CCTV survey to perform structural checks of your chimney.

We Offer Fireplace Surrounds

Sooty and Sweeps offer fireplace surrounds services, built by our expert stone craftsman. We don’t have a brochure, but instead have you give us your ideas, styles and favourite designs so that we can make your fireplace surround to your exact specification. If you’ve seen images on the internet of fireplace surrounds and want one building, feel free to give us a call to have a friendly chat with one of our advisors and get exactly what you want made for you.

We here at Sooty and Sweeps pride ourselves in providing a professional and expertly performed stove installation in your home, we always leave your home in the condition it was in before we arrived. We offer our stove supply & installation, and fireplace surrounds at competitive prices to work around your budget. If you have any questions regarding stove installation or fireplace surrounds please call our London office on Online Doctor Prescription Phentermine, or our Kent office on Buy Adipex Cheap Online and one of our well informed staff will be happy to help you. Alternatively, you can fill out a contact form by clicking Cheapest Phentermine Pills to go through to our contact page. As soon as we receive your message we will ring you at an appropriate time decided by you.

Locations Where You Can Find Us:

We have an office in Barnet London, and an office in Ramsgate Kent.

does phentermine cause high blood pressure:
8 Winterstoke Crescent,
CT11 8QA
Tel: Buy Adipex Cheap Online
Email: Phentermine Hydrochloride Online

Frequently Asked Questions

>> Open the FAQ (click to read)

I already have an existing brick built chimney, do I need to have a liner installed for a stove/wood burner?

This will ultimately depend on 1) the age of the house 2) the condition of the chimney 3) whether it has been previously lined with clay or pumice. As our engineers are HETAS accredited we have the working knowledge to be able to answer this question in depth over the phone.

We would love a stove/wood burner in our house but we don’t have a chimney! Is it still possible?

Yes! Sooty and Sweeps offer the highest quality rigid chimnies which enables us to build a stove almost anywhere in a building. We would still need to carry out an on-site survey before your booked your fitting.

This is very dependent on the area you are trying to heat, big rooms will need an adequately sized stove, whilst small rooms would need a smaller stove. If you have a stove in a fireplace it is important to ensure that it fits into your fireplace opening with sufficient clearance. Due to this we would suggest having an on-site survey done before you purchase a stove, as we can calculate the correct size needed for your fireplace and help you make the best choice. Factors that need to be taken into consideration when looking for a stove/wood burner are: the insulation value of the walls, if the windows in the room and single or double glazing, whether you have high or vaulted ceilings, and the insulation value of your attic. Having stairs to another room, archways or having your stove near door openings are just a few things that can affect the distribution of heat. Due to all of these issues, we suggest having one of our HETAS accredited engineers perform an on-site survey, this ensures you will save money and not waste it on a stove that may not have the correct heating requirements.

Do I require planning permission to have a stove/wood burner or multi-fuel stove installed?

If you have an existing chimney stack with liner and use a HETAS accredited engineer such as ours, you will not need to acquire any planning permission. Planning permission may be required if planning to building a new chimney stack, check with your local authority before any work is carried out.

What size chimney liner should I choose?

The size of your chimney liner will be dependent on the make and model of your stove/wood burner. Flue sizes are usually listed on the websites you buy them from and can be provided by the supplier.

I already have a stove/wood burner/multi-fuel stove, what is the best fuel to burn on it?

We recommend wood for a wood burner or normal stove and coal for a multi-fuel stove.

Should I buy a wood burning stove or a multi-fuel stove?

This is down to personal choice, many customers like the option to burn both smokeless fuel and logs so therefore choose the multi-fuel stove. There isn’t much difference between the 2 other than that one comes with a grate and ashpan. If you would like to know more on the differences between the 2 please do not hesitate to contact us for a friendly chat.

Should I buy a cast iron or steel stove?

Cast iron generally holds its heat longer than steel, but will take longer to heat up, it also needs to be seasoned within the first week to avoid cracking. Cast iron stoves aren’t cheap and cheap versions should be avoided as they have a tendency to crack. Cast iron stoves are molded and decorated whereas steel stove are always plain.

Do I require a non-combustible Hearth?

Yes, a hearth is always required when installing a wood or multi-fuel stove. A suitable non-combustible hearth of the right size and specification is required to protect and combustible material underneath and provide an area to catch an embers or burning fuel that might fall from the stove. It is meant to clearly show the area where combustible material such as carpets must not be placed.

Do I require an air ventilator to be installed in the room housing my stove?

This will depend on the size of the stove, any stove that produces over 5kW output of heat will need an Aircore Ventilator installed in the room to abide by regulations. This ventilator ensures a permanent open air supply for the stove.

Will I need to install a carbon monoxide detector with my new stove?

Since the 1st of October 2010 it has been a law that all buildings require a carbon monoxide detector. It is always better to have a carbon monoxide detector near your appliances whether it is law or not.

>> Close the FAQ (click to close)


“Mark is helpful and a great problem solver. He suggested better ways of carrying out our installation than other companies that came to quote. The day of installation of our log burner was very straight forward and Mark and his team managed completed the job to an amazing standard”
Jade Legg, Islington, N1
“Mark is very friendly and helpful. He came and carried out a free site survey (on a Saturday morning to fit around my work commitments) and we discussed my needs. I decided to go with him as his quote was great and was not disappointed. The wood burner was installed without any fuss and minimal mess. Thank you Mark”
Angela Stutter, Winchmore Hill, N21
“I have used Sooty and Sweeps to carry out my yearly chimney sweep for over ten years now. They are polite, helpful and very clean and tidy. I will never use anyone else”
John Richman, Hampstead, N6
“We decided to have a log burner installed in our home AFTER we finished renovated the property. Mark came and quoted for the job and we found his intelligent and knowledgeable advice invaluable. We were very worried about the mess that would be created but were reassured by pictures of the state of the art tent that they (Sooty and Sweeps) erect inside the house when carrying out installations. On the day of the installation of the log burner and flue liner the team arrived promptly. I took the day off work and my wife took the kids out. The job was completed and the mess was minimal. The tent is really fantastic and considering we were dreading having this done we were left totally amazed by the minimal mess (it is a building job) and great finish to the work. My painter was very impressed when he came to touch up the paint around the job and took Marks phone number for his installation too”
Michael and Sarah Martin, Victoria Park, E9
“I wanted a wood burner put into my home which is owned by a housing association. I looked around and was given estimates from many companies. I was not able to use any of these installers to carry out my work as they did not have all of the health and safety training and comprehensive procedures required by anyone carrying out work on a housing association property. I was given Mark’s contact details and asked him to come and give me an estimate for the work. Mark was very polite and confirmed that he had all of the necessary accreditation to work in a property like mine. I was expecting the estimate to be very expensive as Sooty and Sweeps seemed so much more professional than the other companies that I had contacted previously. I was surprised to find that the estimate was just as competitive as and slightly cheaper than some I had received. When I accepted the estimate Mark was happy to jump through all of the hoops that the housing association required without complaint. The job was carried out to an exceptional standard and I will be using Mark for my regular chimney sweep”
Sonia Moore, Highbury, N1