Although flue liners are not compulsory, it’s highly recommended that you have one installed in your existing chimney. Flue liners will improve your chimney’s energy efficiency by preventing heat loss, while protecting your chimney from soot and carbon monoxide build-up. They also protect the Online Doctor Prescription Phentermine walls from erosion and reduce the build-up of tar, lessening the risk of chimney fires.

The type of flue liner you have installed depends on your heating system and the condition of your chimney.

Here’s an overview of the different types of flue liners available.

Stainless Steel Flexible Liners

Stainless steel flexible liners are often used to reline existing chimneys. There are two types available:

  • Single skin liners are used for gas appliances such as closed gas fires and boilers. They should never be used for solid fuel and wood systems.
  • Double skin liners consist of two layers of stainless steel and are suitable for wood and Buy Adipex Cheap Online.

Clay and Concrete Liners

Clay and concrete liners can be used in chimneys with brickwork at least 100mm thick. The gap between the liner and outer bricks is filled with a concrete mix to seal the chimney walls. These liners are often used to reline existing chimneys.

Stainless Steel Rigid Liners

Stainless steel rigid liners are comprised of two metal walls separated by an insulating gap. Some systems have a ceramic liner, which lasts longer. These liners are ideal for buildings that don’t have an existing chimney, so you can position your stove wherever you want.


Pumice is a volcanic rock and has natural insulating properties. It’s ideal for condenser boilers.


The perfect all-rounder, ceramic liners are suitable for wood, multi-fuel, oil, gas and condenser systems.

Gas Flue Liners

Gas flue liners are narrow rectangular blocks that are specifically designed to be used with gas-effect fires.

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