To keep your chimney in good, safe working order then it is important that it is regularly cleaned and maintained. Here are some quick tips to keep your chimney performing well:

  • We recommend that your chimney flue should be swept before and after the heating season (usually autumn and winter) in order to stop tar and soot deposits developing. These will have a corrosive effect on your chimney and your fire appliance whilst it is not being used in the summer and spring so it’s best to prevent this through cleaning.
  • The best method to clean your chimney effectively is by using brushes and rods that are approximately the same diameter of the flue being cleaned. Brushes and rods will help clear typical blockages that happen in chimneys such as bird nests or fallen brickwork and mortar.
  • We world advise you not to burn unseasoned wood because this is likely to increase the volume of soot and tar that accumulates in your chimney.
  • Annually we would advise you to check the exposed parts of your chimney, flashings and terminals for any signs of damage. Issues with your chimney may have occurred due to severe weather or general wear and tear over the course of the year.
  • This may sound obvious but people still do this from time to time. Do not let your fire burn fiercely or out of control and start a chimney fire in an attempt to clean the chimney. This is simply asking for trouble.
  • If you notice smoke or fumes are coming out your heating appliance, then call a chimney expert like Sooty and Sweeps immediately to check for any blockages or failure in your Online Doctor Prescription Phentermine.

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