Sooty and Sweeps provide chimney sweeping services. We’ve been sweeping chimneys for over 37 years and we’re proud of our reputation for being arguably the best Chimney Sweep company in London and Kent. Sooty and Sweeps chimney sweepers have years upon years of experience, we are trained to deal with any problems that can occur in a chimney and we’re competent in all aspects of chimney maintenance as well as installing stoves.

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We are fully accredited by the can you drink green tea while taking phentermine, and Where To Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Online (HETAS is a government regulated body), this means that our chimney sweepers have undertaken the highest standards of chimney sweep training in the UK. We hope that this gives our clients the peace of mind knowing their chimneys are in expertly trained safe hands. All of our chimney sweeps have full liability insurance and are HETAS approved.

What we can do for you:

  • Chimney sweeping.
  • Flue integrity checks.
  • Chimney pots, cowls and guards.
  • Fault finding.
  • Flue maintenance.
  • Nest/pest removal.
  • Down draft and all weather solutions.
  • Chimney stack repair.
  • CCTV inspections.

We pride ourselves in providing a clean and efficient service, and make sure we leave your home in the condition it was found in. We offer our services at competitive prices and can work around your budget. If you have any questions regarding a chimney problem please call our London office on Online Doctor Prescription Phentermine, or our Kent office on Buy Adipex Cheap Online and one of our well informed staff will be happy to help you. Alternatively, you can fill out a contact form by clicking Cheapest Phentermine Pills to go through to our contact page. As soon as we receive your message we will ring you at an appropriate time decided by you.

Locations Where You Can Find Us:

We have an office in Barnet London, and an office in Ramsgate Kent.

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8 Winterstoke Crescent,
CT11 8QA
Tel: Buy Adipex Cheap Online
Email: Phentermine Hydrochloride Online

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why you need to Sweep your Chimney

To prevent house fires and keep your family safe you need to regularly clean inside working chimneys to remove debris that build up from smoke, as well as checking for animal nests and cobwebs. An inspection will also highlight any structural problems such as cracks which could allow smoke to escape the flue into rooms in your home. Your chimney can become blocked by birds nests, bee and wasp nests and even cobwebs from spiders can block your chimney up; these cause a risk by stopping smoke from leaving the chimney properly which means your house can fill up with carbon monoxide as the only other escape is back through the mouth of the chimney (your fireplace!)

How often should I have my Chimney swept?

HETAS recommends yearly when burning smokeless fuels, twice a year when burning wood or bituminous coal. The reason it is recommended to have a chimney sweep regularly is because soot builds up inside your flue which can cause a fire hazard, leaving your chimney sweeps too long can cause buildups of soot to the point where smoke can instead of leaving through the chimney leave through your fireplace. This is dangerous as your house can then have a build up of carbon monoxide.

What is involved in Chimney Sweeping?

Sweeping a chimney usually requires a good amount of patience and plenty of time to devote to the task (at least half a day to a full day) as well as the having the correct equipment and the right attitude! Chimney sweeping is undoubtedly a messy job so a good amount of pre-planning is paramount, make sure your room is covered in any type of sheet you can find, making sure your furniture is covered too. If you look up your chimney and can’t see straight up it, you may have a blockage, though we recommend hiring a professional if this is the case sometimes the debris is just built up soot or a birds nest. Sometimes though it can be a structural integrity issue such as a misplaced brick that will need professional attention.

If choosing to maintain your own chimney instead of hiring professionals, you will need to be aware that it is important to check for structural damage on a regular basis, small cracks and chips can be patched up alone but large cracks will need the aid of a DIY manual or hiring a professional. Sooty and Sweeps have years of experience in dealing with structural problems in chimneys, our expert advice may be what you need!

Does Sweeping a Chimney make a mess?

Simply put, yes. Sweeping a chimney requires soot and debris to be knocked down from your chimney so this can cause a mess in your room, this is why pre-planning is essential. Any good chimney sweep company will make sure to cover the floor with specialised dust/debris sheet, cover the furniture, makes sure the area around the fireplace is completely covered, and finally add a see through screen to the opening of the fireplace itself so that soot and debris falls down behind the screen. Once the sweep is done we remove the screen and simply vacuum up all the soot deposits and debris with a specialised vacuum. Sooty and Sweeps makes chimney sweeps look easy with our quick, efficient and clean service.

Why do I need a CO2 alarm?

Having a CO2 alarm should be a standard practice in homes nowadays. Any family that uses a fireplace brings up the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, carbon monoxide has been dubbed the silent killer as it has no odour, colour or taste. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be produced by faulty appliances or poorly ventilated boilers, fires and cookers. High levels of carbon monoxide can kill in a matter of minutes, lower levels can cause a range of serious health problems, so it is extremely important that you have an alarm in your house.

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“Mark is helpful and a great problem solver. He suggested better ways of carrying out our installation than other companies that came to quote. The day of installation of our log burner was very straight forward and Mark and his team managed completed the job to an amazing standard”
Jade Legg, Islington, N1
“Mark is very friendly and helpful. He came and carried out a free site survey (on a Saturday morning to fit around my work commitments) and we discussed my needs. I decided to go with him as his quote was great and was not disappointed. The wood burner was installed without any fuss and minimal mess. Thank you Mark”
Angela Stutter, Winchmore Hill, N21
“I have used Sooty and Sweeps to carry out my yearly chimney sweep for over ten years now. They are polite, helpful and very clean and tidy. I will never use anyone else”
John Richman, Hampstead, N6
“We decided to have a log burner installed in our home AFTER we finished renovated the property. Mark came and quoted for the job and we found his intelligent and knowledgeable advice invaluable. We were very worried about the mess that would be created but were reassured by pictures of the state of the art tent that they (Sooty and Sweeps) erect inside the house when carrying out installations. On the day of the installation of the log burner and flue liner the team arrived promptly. I took the day off work and my wife took the kids out. The job was completed and the mess was minimal. The tent is really fantastic and considering we were dreading having this done we were left totally amazed by the minimal mess (it is a building job) and great finish to the work. My painter was very impressed when he came to touch up the paint around the job and took Marks phone number for his installation too”
Michael and Sarah Martin, Victoria Park, E9
“I wanted a wood burner put into my home which is owned by a housing association. I looked around and was given estimates from many companies. I was not able to use any of these installers to carry out my work as they did not have all of the health and safety training and comprehensive procedures required by anyone carrying out work on a housing association property. I was given Mark’s contact details and asked him to come and give me an estimate for the work. Mark was very polite and confirmed that he had all of the necessary accreditation to work in a property like mine. I was expecting the estimate to be very expensive as Sooty and Sweeps seemed so much more professional than the other companies that I had contacted previously. I was surprised to find that the estimate was just as competitive as and slightly cheaper than some I had received. When I accepted the estimate Mark was happy to jump through all of the hoops that the housing association required without complaint. The job was carried out to an exceptional standard and I will be using Mark for my regular chimney sweep”
Sonia Moore, Highbury, N1