With the prices of fuel continuing to increase year on year multi fuel stoves are increasing in popularity.

They are often a cheaper way of heating a home, creating a beautiful warm focal point.

Multi fuel stoves are a favourite at the moment as they are very versatile and allow you to heat your home in a very cost effective manor.  The complete flexibility that multi fuel stoves offer is really appealing because you can use wood, coal, coke, peat, anthracite or smokeless fuels.

Features such as clean burn and air wash result in a clearer view of the beautiful flames and greater thermal efficiency and swift start up make them perfect for those cold days when you want warmth fast.

Multi fuel stoves are airtight so they don’t burn as much fuel as an open wood fire and they are significantly more efficient.  This is because with an open fire your heat goes up the chimney, whereas the heat generated by a multi fuel stove is forced out into the home.

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