As we embrace the winter months, thoughts turn to hot chocolate weather, beautiful autumnal landscape and crisp mornings. However, whilst these months can be filled with festive joy it is also a time of extremely cold temperatures which means having your heating prepared is a must. In recent years many people have been turning to fireplaces as a means of keeping warm and keeping their homes heated throughout the winter months. It can not only be extremely cost effective but also provide consistent temperatures in your home for longer. One of the most sought after styles of fireplace has undoubtedly been the wood burning stove. Providing the perfect winter home aesthetic and complimenting any style whether it be rustic or modern the wood fireplace is the chosen look of 2016.

Possibly the only issue is buying wood and then ultimately realising you haven’t bought enough! Despite this, most homeowners can’t wait to have it installed in all its festive aesthetic glory. It is the perfect stove to hang your Christmas stockings, toast marshmallows, boil your teapot on and just sit by on cold winter evenings. This atmosphere of comfort and warmth gives any home the perfect vibe. There are many advantages and disadvantages of installing a wood burning stove, some of which are detailed here:


  • Beautiful in any homes regardless of décor and creates the perfect atmosphere for the winter period.
  • Can potentially be a lot more cost effective than using central heating in the winter
  • Has the ability to heat your home for longer periods than central heating systems


  • If you do not already have a chimney you will need to seek our advice on your options
  • Can sometimes be hard to clean up because of the ash and soot
  • You need to buy wood!

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