Sooty and Sweeps has been around for many years, over 37 in fact, which attests to our commitment to our clients across London and Greater London for constantly providing quality services in stove installation. With over 25,000 stoves installed, we’re proud of our reputation for offering one of the best stove installation services in North London. As an accredited Stove Installation London business, we offer peace of mind to our clients knowing our engineers have undertaken the highest standards of stove installation training, you can rely on our expert engineers to provide a professional and comprehensive service at competitive rates top suit your budget.

With over 25,000 stoves fitted since our inception, you can count on our friendly and reliable staff to carry out work to the highest standards. We are accredited by can you drink green tea while taking phentermine and Where To Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Online which means our stove installations are certified safe and carried out to the appropriate standards set by HETAS themselves. If wanting to install a multi-fuel stove, you will need planning permission before the work commences, but with our HETAS accredited stove installation specialists, we can completely avoid this process and get to work building your multi-fuel stove straight away!

From the initial survey through to the aftercare, Sooty and Sweeps ensure that your stove installation is completed successfully and to your liking. Traditional stoves, hole in the wall style, multi-fuel, wood/log burning stoves and traditional gas/solid fuel fireplaces can all be installed easily by our team of expert accredited engineers. We always make sure that you get the best service when dealing with Sooty and Sweeps.

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Since 1979 Sooty and Sweeps has been dedicated to installing and maintaining stoves in London. Here’s what you can expect from our London team:

  • Friendly, professional and qualified engineers situated in North London.
  • Free site survey, planning and advice on the best stoves/multi-fuel stoves.
  • The supply and stove installation of wood burners and multi-fuel stoves from multiple ranges in North London.
  • A chimney integrity check to ensure your chimney is safe for us to work on and safe for a stove to be installed.
  • A CCTV survey to perform structural checks of your chimney.
  • Free clean up service, your house will be as clean as it was before we arrived.
  • HETAS, Gas Safe, BWC and APICS accredited, our engineers are trusted to work to the highest standard.

Sooty and Sweeps are the to go to business in North London for your Stove Installation. Call us today on Online Doctor Prescription Phentermine to talk to a member of staff who will offer you friendly advice and discuss your personal requirements for your stove installation.

Alternatively, you can contact us through email at Buy Adipex Cheap Online or go through to our Cheapest Phentermine Pills page and fill out a form. As soon as we receive your message we will ring you at an appropriate time decided by you.

London Office Address

London Office:
218 East Barnet Road,
Tel: Online Doctor Prescription Phentermine
Email: Buy Phentermine 37.5 Usa

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I have a brick built chimney already existing on my house, do I need to have a liner installed for a stove/wood burner?

This depends on a few things; the age of the house,  the current condition of the chimney, and whether it has been previously lined with clay or pumice. As there are so many different variations dependent on your situation, it would be preferable for you to ring us and we can go into more detail about your situation if you live in London.

We would like a stove/wood burner in our house, but we don’t have a chimney. Is it still possible to have a stove?

A commonly asked question, and the answer is yes! Sooty and Sweeps offer a rigid chimney system which means you can have a stove almost anywhere in your building. We still need to carry out an on-site survey before we book your London stove installation.

I have bought a stove from another company, can you do a stove installation for me?

We can install any stoves bought from any companies. Again we would need to carry out an on-site survey to ensure a plan to have your stove installed.

What size and output of heat stove/wood burner do I need to buy?

This is dependent on the size of the room you are having it installed in, whether or not there are multiple exits such as staircases, doors, doors leading outside as this can create drafts, how many windows the room has and whether or not they are double glazing, and many more variables. To answer this question would take a more in-depth discussion over the phone, so feel free to contact us.

Do I require planning permission to have a stove or multi-fuel stove installed? 

If you already have an existing chimney stack with liner installed and use one of our HETAS accredited engineers, you will not need planning permission. In any other case you will.

What size chimney liner should I choose?

This depends on the make and model of your stove. Check with your flue supplier what size is it and what size is best based on what stove you want to purchase.

I have a stove/wood burner/multi-fuel stove already, what fuel is best to burn on each?

We personally recommend wood or logs for a normal stove and coal for a multi-fuel stove.

Should I buy a wood/log burning stove or a multi-fuel stove?

This is up to you, many customers like having the choice to burn both coal and wood so they choose the multi-fuel stove. Some prefer just burning wood and go for a standard stove, it all depends on what you are going to be using as fuel.

Should I buy a cast iron stove or a steel stove?

Cast iron generally holds its heat better than steel, but takes longer to warm up. It also needs to be seasoned during the first week of use to avoid cracking. Cast iron stoves are more expensive than steel so this is an option to take into consideration.London Stove Installation - for stove installation in and around London area

Do I require a non-combustible hearth?

Yes, a hearth is always required when installing any type of stove. A hearth is meant to create distance and stop burning fuel or fire from touching combustible items such as your carpet. Not having a proper hearth can be a house fire risk.

Do I require an air ventilator to be installed in my house if I buy a stove?

This is dependent on the size of stove and heat output. Any stove with an output of over 5kW will need a ventilator, this ventilator ensures a permanent link to open air outside. In some places it is  law to have one of these ventilators if you have a stove of sizable output.

Do I need to install a carbon monoxide detector with my new stove?

Yes, all homes now require a carbon monoxide detector. Not having one is a massive risk to your family and yourself, it’s not worth the risk!

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