There’s nothing quite like a warm and welcoming real fire. However, in recent years concern for the environment and rising fuel bills means that an open fire or stove needs to be efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing. Modern chimneys are installed with appropriate flue liners to increase the safety and efficiency of a combustible fire, however older properties without liners may end up costing you far more in fuel bills and also present a safety hazard. Here are some benefits of flue liners to help you get the most out of your fire.

A Warmer Home

Almost 70% of the heat of an open fire goes up the chimney. Even though an open fire is less efficient at heating your home than a stove, a flue liner in the chimney stack can help to prevent heat loss.

Without a flue liner, heat will not rise properly so the combustibles will take longer to burn, resulting in creosote and condensation build-up. The fire will burn poorly and smoke will be forced back down the flue and into your home.

A Safer Home

Unlined flues run the risk of smoke and carbon monoxide build-up. Carbon monoxide is lethal. It can travel around your home and infiltrate a neighbouring property without you realising it.

A flue liner protects the rest of your property by preventing heat build-up from transferring to other combustibles in your home, especially in the roof space.  It will also protect the inner chimney walls from heat and corrosion. There is less tar build-up in a lined flue so there is less risk of a chimney fire. Lined flues have a smoother finish. Heat travels better and the chimney is far easier to clean.

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