These days most homes in the UK have a chimney and stove whether it be for aesthetics, a means of heating your property or even to increase your home value. However, whilst chimneys can be a great addition to your home, they can also be quite dangerous. Chimney flues that are not properly lined can leave your home at risk of chimney fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and much more. This is why it is widely recommended that flue lining is installed in every home with a chimney. The following describes a handful of the numerous reasons it is widely advocated;

If you are using your stove to heat your home you will find that by having a flue liner installed you are able to consistently maintain high temperatures. By limiting the space in your chimney, the gases within are able to travel faster and create a better and more efficient draft. Ideally your flue should maintain a high temperature at all times when in use and having it insulated helps to sustain this. The warmer the flue is, the less likely creosote is to form and stick as the rapid temperature fluctuations mean that any condensed materials will drop off. This also makes it much easier to clean your flue and keep your home safe from any chimney based dangers.

If your stove begins to emit smoke or gases of any kind into your home then you know that there is a problem with your flue. In these cases it is likely that the flue is cold and full of condensation which produces a poor draft, resulting in the air then dropping and beginning to slowly seep into your home through the stove and the walls. This can ultimately damage the structure of your home, ruin any surrounding furniture in the room with the stove and can potentially create harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. In order to prevent this, the best solution is to have your flue lined so that the correct temperatures are maintained allowing for an efficient draft and protecting the mortar surrounding the flue. This will not only add years of life to your flue, it will keep your home heated and most importantly protect you and your property.

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