North London Chimney Sweep - twin flue systemAt this time of year, we all crave the comforting effect of a real fire to curl up in front of, but many of us will hit a major snag. What if your house doesn’t have a chimney?

Construction and environmental trends mean most modern houses don’t have an open hearth or an inbuilt chimney. So unless you’re going to do it the traditional way, by punching a hole in the roof and making a campfire on the living room carpet, a twin-wall insulated flue could be the solution for you.



How It Works

Whether you’re installing a wood-burning stove, coal range or oil boiler, the twin-wall system can be constructed to safely disperse any smoke and poisonous gases they produce. A high-grade stainless steel pre-fabricated structure is assembled to pass through floors or walls, staying as straight as possible.

It’s assembled in sections that fix tightly together, allowing them to meet the needs and shape of any property. They’re double-lined, hence the name, and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

The Perfect Solution

The twin-wall flue system is waterproof, heatproof and corrosion resistant, so you’ll be able to sleep easy knowing that noxious fumes aren’t lingering in your rooms.

Not only that, unlike a conventional brick built chimney, it’s fully sealed so your home will be warm, dry, and free of surprised looking, soot-encrusted blackbirds for years to come.

Safety First

Safety is critical, so all our products meet the relevant industry standards. An experienced engineer will carry out a survey, discuss your needs and run you through the options available. We’ll even provide a computer-generated image of your new flue before we get to work.

So why wait? You’ll get that lovely homely stove you’ve always wanted, and the cat will have somewhere warm to sleep. What could be easier?

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