Lining Your Flue – A London Chimney Sweep’s Advice

With all the frightening publicity campaigns of recent years, keeping our heating appliances well maintained and safe has become second nature. But what good is the best-maintained boiler, if fumes are escaping once they’ve left it? Too often, we neglect our chimneys and flues, with devastating consequences.

Flue Lining – What Could Go Wrong?

After years of heavy usage, brick built chimneys begin to deteriorate. They’ve been exposed in turn to intense heat and cold – and we Chimney sweep services Crouch end and London - flue lining servicesall know what that feels like! The brickwork gets damp and pointing begins to crack with the risk that smoke could begin to escape back into the body of your home.

Such occurrences are surprisingly common, and many older homes around London and Kent are at particular risk. So get it checked! A damaged chimney can be as dangerous for you and your family as a faulty or neglected boiler.

A Cause for Concern with flue lining

The worst thing about gases such as carbon monoxide is they’re difficult to detect, so you may not even know that your rooms are filling up with poisonous fumes. It’s a frightening thought, isn’t it?

Sooty and Sweeps’ specially designed flue liners can provide a safe insulation for your flue without breaking the bank. The lining acts as a vent, taking fumes all the way from the appliance to the exit point. A simple solution to a deadly threat.

At Sooty & Sweeps, we have skilled engineers with years of experience that can undertake testing and installation. We specialise in fireplace and stove installation as well as flue lining, so there’s not a lot we don’t know about keeping your home safe. To be on the safe side, call us today and we’ll perform a simple integrity test on your present chimney. Should it be required we’ll provide effective flue lining that conforms to HETAS and Gas Safe standards.

After all, what could be more important than your family’s safety?