Whilst UK building regulations regarding chimneys are generally very strict to ensure the property is safe they do not insist that you fit a chimney liner. That being said, it is very rare that you will come across a chimney sweep or installation specialist that would not recommend having a flue liner installed. There are a great number of benefits to having a flue liner installed in your chimney that as a homeowner you may not have previously considered.

Here are a number of benefits to having a flue liner;

Removing harmful gases from your home

Flue liners create the perfect passage for removing harmful gases from your home which is especially important with wood burning fires. Incomplete combustion will create carbon monoxide and if this is not properly ventilated from your home and either seeps through the walls or drops into the room the stove is in it can put your health at risk.

It will insulate your chimney

Keeping your chimney properly insulated not only keeps moisture and frost from entering the chimney but will also create a barrier so that the heat doesn’t corrode the masonry work over time.

Chimney Fires

If there is a large build-up of creosote in your flue you are putting your home at risk of a chimney fire.  Chimney fires can very quickly get out of hands and create long-lasting damage to your property. The beauty of having a flue liner, however, is that it is very difficult for creosote to build up as the interior material cannot hold materials.

Condensation prevention

If vapours condensate in your flue it can begin to create a corrosive effect over time and cause the inside masonry to deteriorate. If however, the chimney has a flue liner this can very easily be prevented.

Less build up

Condensation can also add to the chimney fire issues as they help with the collection of soot, tar and other materials. These materials are combustible which again could lead to a chimney fire if the flue is not regularly cleaned and checked. By installing a flue liner, you can be sure that this won’t be an issue as the condensation will roll straight off the smooth sides of the liner where masonry is more likely to collect it.

Carbon Monoxide

When using a wood or coal burning stove, particularly with an open fireplace there is more likely to be a build-up of harmful gases such as Carbon Monoxide. Without having a flue liner with this type of fuel you are putting your health at risk. If this leaks into your home you may become extremely ill or in an extreme case, you may even die depending on the volume.

Energy Efficient

Flue liners are known for their ability to increase efficiency when it comes to burning fuels and this can be seen in the improved air flow within the chimney. You will find that the fuel burns slower because of the improved heat retention.


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