If you are planning on lining your chimney, then you need to make sure that your installation complies with Building Regulations (Part J) and that the installation is carried out in accordance with current health and safety requirements.

You don’t need a professional to install your chimney flue, but as it is a tricky job and regulations have to be followed you would be better off using a professional service such as the one Sooty & Sweeps provides.

Firstly you either need to sweep your chimney or arrange for a chimney sweeper to do this for you.  A chimney sweep will make sure that any dust and or debris that may have built up within your chimney are removed making the way clear for your new flue to be installed.  You also need to check your chimney is structurally sound such as checking the external surfaces are watertight and clean.

If your chimney has bends or kinks within it you will have to get access to those areas as the flue lining may become stuck and have to be manually guided into place.

It is always wise to test a sample amount of your flue liner in your chimney.  This will highlight snagging problems and whether you have measured the diameter of your chimney correctly.

You should only use one piece of flue liner that runs from the top of your chimney to your stove.  Never fit lots of little pieces together as this can result in cracks in the flue liner which allows gas and fumes to escape which will then come back down the chimney into your home.

As you can see there is more to fitting a flue than you may have first thought.  Keep safe and get a professional in to do this job for you.

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