Repairing chimney flashing

Repairing a chimney flashing be a challenging job but if you choose to carry out the work yourself there are a number of tips you should take into account. If done correctly, it can be a relatively quick process and you should be able to save money without having to pay out for roofers.

The first thing that should be noted is that the only way to repair flashing is to completely replace it. But before any replacement takes place you will need to measure around the chimney so that you can order the correct sized flashing. Generally, a specialised roofing sheet metal shop will be able to make this process a lot easier. They will be able to help with the cutting and bending of the metal prior to installation. It is also important to note that you should have an exact fit for your flashing in order for it to correctly seal against any water damage. If it is not correctly installed it is could lead to water damage which will over time threaten the property’s structural integrity.

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The first step is to remove the shingles and old flashing from around the chimney. You should remove as many shingles as you need to in order to reach the flashing as you will be replacing them anyway. Once they are removed you should use a hammer to carefully remove the old flashing and any tar.

The next step is to ensure all the dirt underneath the shingles is cleared before replacing them. Once it is clear, start from the bottom half of the roof and begin placing the shingles.

To install the base flashing you start at the bottom of the chimney and on top of the replaced shingles. You then take pieces of the step flashing to seal the side of the chimney making sure to overlap each piece of flashing over the next. This is then nailed in around 6 inches apart from each other. You then take the front cap flashing and bend it around the front corner section of the chimney and again carefully nail it in.

Make sure that your side cap flashing overlaps each piece of the lower flashing. This can be fixed in place using drive-in expanding anchors. Each piece of the cap flashing should be bent around each corner of the chimney and secured to the back.

Finally, the last step of this process is to seal the cap flashing using polyurethane caulk. Using this along the mortar joint will ensure that the cap flashing is correctly sealed.

If this process is carried out correctly you will find that you will have no more leaks as a result of broken chimney flashing. This sort of damage can cause a lot of problems to the infrastructure of your home if not dealt with quickly and safely.
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