A fireplace is a big investment and as with any investment it needs regular care and maintenance over the years. There are many ways to keep your fireplace in working order and that starts with keeping it as clean as possible. To help you better understand what you can be doing to keep it working efficiently and looking great we have compiled a few tips and tricks.

Wood burning Fireplace


The first and seemingly most obvious step is to ensure that the fireplace is not lit and not at all emitting any heat before starting cleaning. Once this has been established the next step is to protect yourself with gloves, a dust mask, and protective goggles. These are all necessary to protect you from any dust and debris that can fall from the fireplace.

The next step is to then protect the areas surrounding the fireplace with plastic sheeting. Once this is in place you should work on removing any burnt debris in the fireplace and disposing of them. Any remaining soot and dirt in the fireplace can be scrubbed any with a nylon wool brush.

You will then want to remove all the burnt ashes with a dustpan and brush. Because the particles are so fine they are likely to fly up into the air, a good trick to avoid this is by sprinkling dampened used ground coffee into the tray beforehand.

To clean the surrounding area, you will want to simply use a cloth or brush to remove any soot or dirt. If you have a brush attached to a vacuum cleaner this can be a much more effective method of cleaning.

If your fireplace is made of metal, it’s at risk of rusting which is why you should avoid cleaning it with water at all costs. If, however, you have already done so, or it has been exposed to moisture the best way to remove it is with a hard wire brush.

You should also be wary of any wooden furniture that surrounds your fire whether it be a coffee table or the legs of a chair. Anything that is unvarnished will be dried out by the fire over time meaning it will need to be carefully and regularly polished.

Finally, the biggest job you will face when cleaning your fireplace is to clean the flue and chimney itself. This is a big and often messy job that is not recommended for those who don’t have experience in doing so. This is recommended to be done at least once a year by a professional chimney sweep. Whilst this may seem an unnecessary cost, if it is not done it may lead to more serious issues that could put you and your home in danger. Ultimately, you will find that having this done will not only save you a lot of time but save you from wasting your money fuelling an energy and cost inefficient fireplace.