The London skyline is a disctinctive part of its culture, and is easily recognsied the world over. However, what with being so high up and exposed to harsh weather and temperature changes, there is the possibility of lots of damage. This can obviously cause lots of problems for the homeowner, and can even put the lives of the people of London at risk. This is why Sooty and Sweeps offers chimney stack repair in London, to keep your property looking its best and to keep people safe.

Damaged chimney stacks can cause myriad problems, such as as chimney fires, leaks, poisonous fumes, and falling debris. This shows that is is better to fix a chimney stack quickly and early on, before these problems develop. Here at Sooty and Sweeps, with our HETAS and APICS accreditations, we have the expertise to determine whether your chimney stack needs a repair or a re-build; we will not undertake any unnecessary work, we only want to give you the best results possible. This is why we have such excellent reviews from our customers.

We can help you whether you have a ridge chimney or an eaves chimney in London.

Chimney Stack Re-build

Leaning Chimney Stack

A leaning chimney stack is a cause for concern as it can be unstable and collapse at any given moment.

The leaning can be caused be a variety of reasons, with basic ones being age and the fearsome British weather. Another reason is due to the burnt remains leaving a salt build-up in the chimney stack, which attracts moisture, expanding the mortar joints. This moisture dries at different rates to to wind direction, and so the joints end up expanding differently, causing the chimney stack to tilt.

On top of this, the comdensation can combine with sulphates released from flue gases which form acids which weaken the chimney stack. Sooty and Sweeps also offers flue liner installation in London to protect against sulphate attacks.

Leaking Chimney Stack

A leaking chimney stack can cause damp patches and stains on ceilings, walls and chimney breasts.

As the metal flashing, the mortar or the masonry are eroded, gaps are left which rainwater can enter through; flue gas condesation has also been linked to damp buildings. Large leaks left unnattended can even cause roofs to collapse.

The way to stop this is with chimney repair. Masonry, motar and flashing can all be repaired or replaced.

Broken Chimney Pots, Cowls and Flaunching

A chimney’s pots and cowls should be its crowning glory, however erosion and bad weather can leave them damaged with chips and cracks. They can even fall off your roof if the flaunching is damaged. We can replace these better than they were originally, at the best angle to encourage rainwater runs off with minimal water damage.

Benefits of Using Sooty and Sweeps

  • Family business established for almost 40 years
  • Fully trained, accredited team
  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible working hours
  • Property left clean and tidy

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Sooty and Sweeps sure know a thing or two about chimneys, as they have been taking care of them for over 37 years!

We’re proud to offer our chimney stack re-building service across London.

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