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How to inspect a fireplace chimney

June 14th, 2017|

Keeping up with your chimney maintenance is extremely important to ensure the safety of you and your home. Whilst a lot of maintenance needs to be carried out by a professional chimney sweep to remove blockages and check for the build-up of tar and creosote there are some checks you can do yourself. To help […]

Fireplace Maintenance

May 31st, 2017|

Fireplace maintenance is extremely important in ensuring the safety of not only your home but more importantly its occupants. It is not a job that simply requires cleaning up the ashes and keeping it fuelled. When it comes to your chimney and fireplace there are a number of strict dos and don’ts for keeping it […]

Chimney flashing – a how to guide

May 18th, 2017|

The purpose of chimney flashing is to create a waterproof barrier between the front, back and sides of the roof structure. When you begin to notice leaks around your chimney or stains on your ceiling from moisture it may be time to replace the flashing.

All the materials you will need for this job can be […]

Reasons to Get Chimney Flue Lining For Your Home

April 13th, 2017|

Most homes in the UK have a chimney and fireplace that are regularly used throughout the winter months. However, most people would not think to check if their chimney is lined and insulated sufficiently unaware of the potential risk. Here we detail why it is important that you line your chimney, especially if it is […]

Twin-Wall Insulated Flue Systems

March 29th, 2017|

At this time of year, we all crave the comforting effect of a real fire to curl up in front of, but many of us will hit a major snag. What if your house doesn’t have a chimney?

Construction and environmental trends mean most modern houses don’t have an open hearth or an inbuilt chimney. So […]

Flexible Flue Liners – Sound Advice From A Reputable London Chimney Sweep

March 21st, 2017|

Flexible Flue Liners
Advice From A Reputable London Chimney Sweep

Flexible flue liners are increasingly becoming one of the best alternatives to the classic rigid liners. As opposed to terracotta liners, flexible liners are made of corrugated stainless steel which are able to expand and contract dependent on the temperature from the stove and chimney.

Often with […]

Lining Your Flue

March 21st, 2017|

Lining Your Flue – A London Chimney Sweep’s Advice
With all the frightening publicity campaigns of recent years, keeping our heating appliances well maintained and safe has become second nature. But what good is the best-maintained boiler, if fumes are escaping once they’ve left it? Too often, we neglect our chimneys and flues, with devastating consequences.
Flue […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Chimney Flue Linings

February 13th, 2017|

Flue linings
Installing a chimney isn’t as seemingly straightforward as it used to be, with more health and safety codes to adhere to than ever before customers wanting to add a fireplace to their home or alter their existing stove have an increasing number of questions. In this article we will aim to answer all the […]

Can your London property have an open fire?

January 5th, 2017|


Living in London can throw up some interesting questions sometimes. For example, are you able to have an open fire and a chimney and if so, what can you burn?

Installing a chimney isn’t as seemingly straightforward as it used to be, with more health and safety codes to adhere to than ever before, if you […]

Why every chimney should have a flue liner

September 30th, 2016|

These days most homes in the UK have a chimney and stove whether it be for aesthetics, a means of heating your property or even to increase your home value. However, whilst chimneys can be a great addition to your home, they can also be quite dangerous. Chimney flues that are not properly lined can […]