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How your Chimney affects your Insurance

May 10th, 2018|

Do I need my chimney swept for home insurance purposes?

At Sooty and Sweep, one of the things we are most frequently asked is whether chimneys have to be swept in order to avoid invalidating home insurance policies. If you’re not sure where you stand when it comes to chimney sweeping and home insurance, read […]

Is chimney sweeping still a viable career option?

November 21st, 2017|

Chimney sweeping is still to this day an important part of chimney maintenance and with the majority of UK properties containing a fireplace, it is an ever-booming industry. With it being such a specialised area of work, it requires a certain level of skill and experience which begs the question, what exactly does a chimney […]

Chimney Lining

May 21st, 2015|

If you are planning on lining your chimney, then you need to make sure that your installation complies with Building Regulations (Part J) and that the installation is carried out in accordance with current health and safety requirements.

You don’t need a professional to install your chimney flue, but as it is a tricky job and […]

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