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A Wood Burning Stove Or A Gas Stove: Which Is Better?

In the last few years, the rate of stoves being installed has significantly increased. The major contributing factors are two-fold. Homeowners are looking for frugal ways to reduce their heating bills and the environmentally conscious are seeking to minimise their carbon footprint. With a range of choice on the market, which is the most cost-effective […]

April 12th, 2018|Stoves - Wood & Gas|0 Comments

How to maintain your wood fireplace

In the colder months, it’s important to properly maintain your wood fireplace to ensure you don’t have to pay out for costly repairs later down the line. Maintaining your fireplace doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow these simple tips and tricks to keep your fireplace safe and efficient.

The first tip is to only […]

March 14th, 2018|Stoves - Wood & Gas|0 Comments

Is chimney sweeping still a viable career option

Chimney sweeping is still to this day an important part of chimney maintenance and with the majority of UK properties containing a fireplace, it is an ever-booming industry. With it being such a specialised area of work, it requires a certain level of skill and experience which begs the question, what exactly does a chimney […]

February 9th, 2018|Chimney Sweeping|0 Comments
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