Live in Westminster and have a chimney? Don’t remember the last time it was cleaned? You may need a chimney sweep, and Sooty and Sweeps offer a chimney sweep like no other in Westminster. We’ve been sweeping chimneys in Westminster for over 30 years and we’ve swept a total of 70,000 chimneys and counting, we would be lying if we said we haven’t become good at what we do. Modern technology has allowed for new methods of chimney sweeping but here at Sooty and Sweeps we still sweep Hackney chimneys using the traditional rod and brush system, we have however, gotten much better at sealing parts of your home off to ensure it doesn’t get covered in grimy soot using special material and sheets that capture the debris. We use a specialist heavy duty vacuum with industrial grade filters installed to vacuum up the debris and soot, we also have CCTV technology to allow us to find faults in your chimney that can’t be seen normally.Chimney Sweep Hackney

Experience has shown us that many people in Westminster love using traditional methods of heating their homes such as the use of open fires and wood burning stoves, as people begin to use these methods more it is useful to have some guidance on how often a chimney should be inspected and swept. According to HETAS (official body recognised by the government) who we are accredited by, a chimney should be inspected twice a year and swept at least one. For chimneys that don’t pass inspection Sooty and Sweeps offers a range of services in order to get your Westminster chimney back to safe standards. This includes:

    • Chimney sweeps.
    • Flue integrity check ups.
    • Chimney pots, cowls and guards check ups.
    • Fault finding within your chimney.
    • Flue maintenance to maintain the health of your flue.
    • Nest/pest removal.
    • Down draft and all weather solutions.
    • Chimney stack repair.
    • CCTV inspections to find issues the naked eye can’t spot.

30 years of Chimney Sweeps in Westminster

With a reputation for having friendly yet professional and highly experienced chimney engineers, multiple accreditations from high standard companies and over 70,000 chimney sweeps and counting, we have arguably one of the best chimney sweepers in Westminster. We offer professional chimney sweep services at competitive prices, our engineers will rectify any chimney issue in a speedy and cost effective manner, our accredited chimney sweeps provide a clean and faultless service. Our promise to you is that we will always leave your house as it was before we arrived.

If you would like to enquire about our services or prices, or want your chimney swept right away and live in the Westminster area then please give us a call on 0207 971 1242, or you can fill out a contact form on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as it arrives in our mail box.

Areas that we cover

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