Sooty and Sweeps are a North London based family business of chimney sweepers, we’ve been sweeping chimneys now for 30 years in North London and have achieved a grand total of over 70,000 chimney sweeps, we would be lying if we said we hadn’t become good at cleaning chimneys.

In North London, before the introduction of more modern methods and technology, sending children up the chimney to clean them used to be a common place occurrence.  After the great London fire of 1666 building regulations were changed so that fireplaces had narrow chimneys, in order to stop a repeat of the fire disaster. This made the life of a chimney sweeping child much more dangerous as they would often get stuck, this practice continued for over 200 years until in 1875 a child called George Brewster died after being stuck in a chimney. This prompted the law to change and outlaw children going up chimneys. Fortunately at Sooty and Sweeps we have never (and never will!) send a child up a chimney, we’re far too good at cleaning them ourselves.

Here at Sooty and Sweeps in North London we still use traditional methods but have incorporated modern technology into our repertoire. We still use the traditional rod and brush system as it has proven for over 300 years to be an effective method of sweeping chimneys, but since the invention of CCTV technology we can see further up your chimney than ever before, finding faults and risks with your flue or chimney structure has never been easier. Our chimney sweeping rods can be extended to sweep even the tallest chimneys in North London, and our specialist rods have different attachments that can be added into the rod head enabling us to do a full 360 degree clean, we even have creosote removing attachments that can remove deposits of creosote that build up in your chimney over time. It is surprising to find that even with the advance of modern technology, this is still the most straight forward and best way to clean your chimney.Chimney Sweep North London

Sooty and Sweeps in North London pride ourselves on mastering old techniques but embracing the modern era of technology. With the growing demand for chimney sweeps in North London, as well as the demand for stoves and wood burners, we can carry out a host of different services to ensure that correct functioning of your stove and chimney. We provide:

    • Chimney sweeps.
    • Flue integrity check ups.
    • Chimney pots, cowls and guards check ups.
    • Fault finding within your chimney.
    • Flue maintenance to maintain the health of your flue.
    • Nest/pest removal.
    • Down draft and all weather solutions.
    • Chimney stack repair.
    • CCTV inspections to find issues the naked eye can’t spot.

30 years of Chimney Sweeps in North London

Sooty and Sweeps are accredited by multiple companies including the Association of Professional Independent Chimney Sweeps (APICS), HETAS, Buy With Confidence and Gas Safe. Our engineers have 50 years combined experience between them and have an excellent work ethic when it comes to sweeping your chimney. Our guarantee is that we will always leave your house in the condition it was in before we arrived to clean your chimney. We’re proud of our reputation for being arguably one of the best chimney sweep companies in North London,

If you have any questions regarding having your chimney swept in your North London home, or have any queries related to any of our other services, then please call 0207 971 1242 today, or use the form on our contact page to send a message straight to our inbox and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We’re always happy to assist and our lovely team will point you in the right direction whatever your issue.

Areas that we cover

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