Sooty and Sweeps have been sweeping chimneys for over 37 years! A family run business, we pride ourselves in providing a clean, efficient service and always make sure we leave your home in the condition it was found in.

FAQ: How often should I get my chimney swept?
We recommend that your chimney is swept yearly when burning smokeless fuels, twice a year when burning wood or bituminous coal. This prevents house fires and further problems to the chimney. During the yearly or bi-anual sweep, we also run thorough inspections and will highlight any structural problems to you.

We pride ourselves in providing a clean and efficient service, and make sure we leave your home in the condition it was found in.
Sooty and Sweeps are fully accredited with APICS (a government registered body) and all our chimney sweeps have undertaken extensive, high level training, which is a requirement for all UK Chimney Sweeps. All of our chimney sweeps have full liability insurance and are HETAS approved.

If you are in the Essex area and would like to arrange for your chimney to be swept by one of our expert team members, or If you have any questions regarding a chimney problem, please call us on 020 8447 5689 or use the form on the right hand side. We will be happy to help!

Areas that we cover

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