Need a chimney sweep? Live in Enfield, London? Then look no further than Sooty and Sweeps.  We have been chimney sweeping in Enfield for over 30 years now and with over 70,000 chimney sweeps and counting it’s no wonder we’re the most sought after chimney sweeps in Enfield. All of our engineers and sweeps are fully accredited with multiple certificates from accreditation agencies such as the Association of Professional Independent Chimney Sweeps (APICS), HETAS, Buy With Confidence and Gas Safe, thus you can be assured that you are in good hands when you choose Sooty and Sweeps chimney sweeps in Enfield.

There aren’t many properties in Enfield with chimneys as impressive and large as Forty Hall, the Manor house built in 1629, and there aren’t many that can say they have completed a chimney sweep on them either, but Sooty and Sweeps have often swept chimneys like these across Enfield. There is no chimney big or small that we can’t tackle with outstanding results, speedy service and minimal disruption to you, your family or the house. Unlike the ever changing landscape of Enfield such as new buildings and architecture, chimney sweeping has stayed relaChimney Sweep Enfieldtively the same over the past 100 years. Sooty and Sweeps still use traditional methods passed down from generations of chimney sweepers to the next, even with the ever evolving and progressing technology of our modern era, there has been no indication of any method being better than a chimney sweep to clean your chimney. Although we use traditional methods to sweep chimneys, we incorporate modern technology to assist us.

Not only can we clean and certificate chimneys – All our sweeps are fully certified with the Association of Professional Independent Chimney Sweeps (APICS) and HETAS the solid fuel equivalent to Gas Safe, but we can also diagnose and rectify any flue issues in the most straight forward and cost effective manner.

Sooty and Sweeps can diagnose and rectify any issue with your chimney in a speedy and cost effective manner. Here are but a few of the many services we can provide if you live in Enfield:

    • Chimney sweeps.
    • Flue integrity check ups.
    • Chimney pots, cowls and guards check ups.
    • Fault finding within your chimney.
    • Flue maintenance to maintain the health of your flue.
    • Nest/pest removal.
    • Down draft and all weather solutions.
    • Chimney stack repair.
    • CCTV inspections to find issues the naked eye can’t spot.

30 years of Chimney Sweeps in Enfield

With over 30 years sweeping chimneys in Enfield and the surrounding areas, we have encountered so many of the same issues that we have created simple solutions for them, and our years of experience shows in the work that we produce. As well as having so many years of experience in chimney sweeping, we’re accredited by some of the highest standard companies which shows our dedication to providing the absolute best possible service to our customers.

If you need the services of a chimney sweep in the Enfield area, why not give Sooty and Sweeps a ring on 0207 971 1242 or fill out a contact form on our contact page, we are a generation of family run chimney sweeps serving Enfield and the London area, we offer competitive prices compared to other chimney sweep businesses, and free friendly advice about chimney sweeping and all things related.

Areas that we cover

North-East London