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Can phentermine cause chest pains, Buy Adipex England

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Providing chimney sweeping services across London and Kent
What we can do for you:
Flue integrity checks,
Chimney pots, Cowls and Guards,
…read more

Chimney Sweep London

Stoves and Fireplaces

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Installing Wood burning & Gas stoves through-out London and Kent. All of our expert engineers are fully HETAS accredited with a wealth of experience in all types of stove installation.
Phentermine 37.5Mg 90 Pills

Chimney Sweep in London

Flue Liners

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Many older properties in London and Kent fail chimney flue integrity tests.
The consequence of this can be extremely serious with dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and you and your family could
…read more

London Chimney Sweep

Chimney Stack Repair

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Due to their positioning, chimney stacks are extremely vulnerable to weather and temperature changes.
As chimney stacks are a distinctive part of the London and Kent
…read more

Choosing a flue liner

Rigid Chimney Systems

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Many modern homes have been built without a chimney, however you may want a stove or fireplace installed. Don’t worry if you don’t have a chimney, like many others, you can still find the perfect
…read more

Chimney Sweeping in London

Generations of Experience: a long established family business, we come very highly recommended.

Our #1 priority is you, our customer. We believe in traditional values and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your home as much as you do, which is why we offer the best service around at Sooty & Sweeps Ltd.

Phentermine 15 Mg Capsules Buy
London Chimney Sweeping

Can phentermine cause chest pains, Buy Adipex England

Sooty and Sweeps is a family run business that has been sweeping chimneys in London for over 37 years, with over 70,000 sweeps and counting we’re dedicated to providing professional and comprehensive chimney sweep services in London. As an accredited Chimney Sweep business in London, we offer peace of mind to our clients with knowing our engineers have undertaken the highest standards of chimney sweep training, you can rely on our courteous sweepers to provide a prompt & professional service at competitive rates to suit your budget.

We are proudly accredited by the Association of Professional Independent Chimney Sweeps, and HETAS for being experts in our field and delivering exceptional standards of service, we use tried and tested methods (traditional chimney sweep brushes) to clean your chimney as well as advanced techniques such as vacuuming and camera surveys to provide us with an accurate plan when inspecting your chimney.

Sooty and Sweeps have been chimney sweeping in London since 1979, our clients are always in safe hands and we often get repeat jobs as customers LOVE our friendly and professional services. Here’s what you can you expect from Sooty and Sweeps:

Chimneys Swept & Counting
Stove & Fireplaces fitted
Meters of Flue lining installed
Solutions provided

Customer Testimonials: We Love our Customers, And They Love Us.

We are fully accredited with can you drink green tea while taking phentermine, Where To Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Online and Online Doctor Prescription Phentermine. HETAS is a carefully regulated government registered body.  We believe this gives our customers peace of mind knowing our chimney sweeps have undertaken the highest standard of training required of UK chimney sweepers.

“Reliable, clean, professional – A reputable company!”

“Reliable, clean, professional – everything I expect from a reputable company!” – Adrian Ryan 

Highly recommended. Knowledgeable, efficient, tidy and courteous too.
Jo, London Chimney Sweep Customer
I have recommended Sooty and Sweeps to all my friends.
Mrs Walden, London Chimney Sweep Customer
We always find the service reliable, clean, efficient and professional.
Mr & Mrs Addison, London based customers
Reliable, clean, professional – everything I expect from a reputable company!
Adrian Ryan, London Chimney Lining Customer
Thanks for a wonderful job, tidy and clean, will definitely recommend!
David, Wood Burning Stove Fitted in London

Join Our Many Very Satisfied Customers!

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